Describe the three parts of a seed and their function?

Answer The three are...

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Describe the Function of Electronic Ignition Systems?

Mechanical, point-type ignitions were commonplace in the early 1900s. The electronic ignition system became the normal parameter for starting a vehicle during the energy crisis of the 1970s.

How do I describe the growth process of a plant seed?

Growing plants is a fun and useful ability. Explaining the process is not always as easy as simply planting a seed and letting it grow. There are a couple important processes a seed goes through to... Read More »

Describe the function of protein in times when a person does not have enough glucose to use for energy product?

the protein gets converted to glucose, for use as fuel. the process is desribed belowthe protein comes can come from muscle or food.

How to Integrate by Parts when One Function Is a Polynomial?

To integrate by parts you must have two functions multiplied together (in the form of u•dv). The formula to evaluate ∫u•dv is as follows:∫u•dv = uv-∫v•du,