Describe the process that occurs in a refrigerator?

Answer what happens is that all the heat is taken out of the refrigerator, leaving it cool on the inside and warm on the outside.

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What is the Conservation process that occurs when you switch on a vacuum cleaner?

It changed the way we worked in life. Instead of spending time hitting rugs to get all of the dirt off. People had more time to do other things.

How can you correct the voltage drop that occurs whenever you turn the refrigerator or electric range on?

Answer(1) Re-wire the fridge circuit and/or the range circuit with larger gauge wire.(2) The range should be on its own circuit already (if not, put it on its own circuit like NEC mandates). You co... Read More »

Describe the sex offender registration process?

It is different for every state. Contact your local law enforcement agency for the necessary information.

Describe nouns for refrigerator?