Describe the positive feedback systems that occur during labor and delivery?

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Surprises during labor/delivery that you weren't prepared for?

I was surprised that my husband found the need to order pizza when I was in full blown labor, then sat there eating it in front of me."But it's dinner time." was all he could say. Yes, it was, but ... Read More »

How often should a nurse write a narrative note on her patient during labor&delivery?

The nurse writes narrative notes whenever necessary to record non-routine care and information that is not documented elsewhere. Narrative notes are not written at predetermined time intervals. The... Read More »

Is it detectable during labor and after giving birth that you smoked weed during your pregnancy?

YES it is detectable and you can even tell without any tests you want to know why??? Because it affects your baby mentally and physically and in the future emotionally!!!!

The major events that occur during childbirth?

Normally labor, the birth of a baby and delivery of the placenta. Complications include placenta abrupture, uterine rupture, maternal hemorrhage, prolapse cord, maternal or fetal death. These are a... Read More »