Describe the Work of a Medical Billing Clerk?

Answer Medical billing clerks are primarily responsible for accurately preparing and submitting medical invoices. Clerks may be assigned to specific accounts, or work on individual patient invoicing. Medi... Read More »

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Can a felon get a job as a medical billing clerk?

Federal law does not prevent a felon from working as a medical billing clerk, but state and local laws could apply. Some employers might not be willing to hire a felon to work with sensitive billin... Read More »

What education and training do you need to work in medical billing or as a medical coder?

AnswerIn the United States there is no degree or certification needed for the medical billing field although that may change in the future once the governing bodies get a firm grip on the coding in... Read More »

What is the work of a medical billing company?

Medical billing companies provide an option for medical and health care facilities to outsource their accounts receivable. The job of a medical billing company is to provide an efficient way for he... Read More »

Medical Billing Work Objectives?

The field of medical billing and coding is becoming quite lucrative. Physicians and health care providers need reliable billing specialists to help them with day-to-day management. Both rely on acc... Read More »