Describe the Role of Women in Greek Burial Customs?

Answer The traditions of Greek burial rites are handed down through generations. Roles, however, are in constant evolution and vary based on adherence by their communities to traditional values and partic... Read More »

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Role of Women in Greek Culture?

The role of women in Greek culture has changed since ancient times. This can be attributed to improved education, the development of civilization and influences from other cultures.

Hindu Burial Customs?

The Hindu religion has many rituals, including rites for the dead. These rites are often called Antyesti, or Antim Sanskar, and they are detailed in the text of the Garuda Purana. There is no such ... Read More »

Funeral Wreaths & Burial Customs?

Flowers are a common sight at any funeral regardless of culture, ethnicity or religious background. Before the advent of embalming, the floral scent was used to mask the odor of human decomposition... Read More »

Muslim Death, Funeral & Burial Customs?

Every culture has distinct views on the parts of life that all of humanity shares in common--birth, coming of age, marriage and death--and it is through these differences that a culture has its uni... Read More »