Describe in details the fostering of effective listening in a blind child?

Answer Cousin and cousin-in-law

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How much do you receive for fostering a child?

Foster parents can receive any where from $25.00-$80.00 tax free a day. It all depends on the behavioral issues that child has, the more difficult the child is the more money you get. Mentally chal... Read More »

What benefits do the foster parent get for fostering a child?

How to Describe a Color to a Blind Person?

You know how a certain color looks, but how would you describe a color to someone who's blind? When you consider that even sighted people see colors differently this subjective task can become conf... Read More »

How do you describe a bowl of fruit to a blind person?

Like feeling the clothed panted bottom of someone with the worst case of hemorrhoids you've ever felt in your life.