Describe how can fertilization takes place a flower?

Answer Pollination transfers the pollen grain to the stigma. However, for hertilisation to take place, the nucleus of the pollen grain must fuse with the nucleus of the ovum, which is inside an ovule in t... Read More »

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Describe what happens after fertilization of plants?

the egg in the plant repeatedly divides and forms an embryo. the embryo becomes surrounded by a hard wall. this hard wall with the embryo inside is known as the seedHope this helps.

What Takes Place at an AA Meeting?

First-time Alcoholics Anonymous attendees are often worried about how to handle themselves in an AA meeting. Although the type of format can vary, there are some format guidelines that most AA grou... Read More »

How Respiration Takes Place in Plants?

Plant respiration is a biochemical process where the plant will absorb oxygen and use it to drive the breakdown of organic molecules (e.g., glucose) into energy (in the form of adenosine triphospha... Read More »

Where does photosynthesis takes place in an organelle?

Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplasts, which are found in the mesophyll cells of leaves. Chloroplasts are organelles in plant cells, which contain chlorophyll. Photosynthesis occurs in the... Read More »