Describe an ideal dinner for two at a restaurant somewhere in America?

Answer Cape Cod Mass. In a quaint roof-top restaurant over looking Cape Cod Bay during a full moon. Candles, wine....Calamari Salad with crisp bacon bitsTwin boiled Maine lobstersSteamed mussels with but... Read More »

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Describe your ideal sandwich?

loads of veggis on a wheat bunlettuce, tomato, gr pepper, cucumber, spinach, red onion, a few black olives, a few jalepenos. top it off with spicey cheese and a sweet onion dressing mmmmmmmmmm yum... Read More »

What would your ideal hotdog restaurant feature?

Fresh products for everything. That means 100% meat with no animal by-products, and also make sure that all the buns are fresh and that there is no mold on any of them. That would include scrupulou... Read More »

Describe the best restaurant experience?

There is a small restaurant in Woodland Hills California that is just wonderful. It's called the Angel CityCafe. The food is fantastic - kind of eclectic. It is a white tablecloth restaurant tha... Read More »

Home-made Christmas dinner or Christmas dinner out in a restaurant?

I have only ever had it home-made....and I think I like it that way.