Describe a leaf?

Answer a leaf is colorful , beutiful etc. i really dont know but those are a couple of stuff a leaf is

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How to Remove a Leaf From a Multi-Leaf Spring?

The leaf spring suspension has been around since before the Model T and has been used for more than 100 years because of its high load capacity as well as its ease of use. Pickups today can be seen... Read More »

What does 1 leaf inner/1 leaf outter of lettuce mean?

Pretty well none. It's not even mentioned in my calorie book.

Does this describe an UTI?

It could be. Try drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice. If this doesn't help you should see a doc. you should also tell your mom now. A uti is not a sign that you had sex

How would *you* describe....?

You just fall in love with your child, and secretly believe that there's no other baby that's anywhere near so beautiful, so much fun, and so smart. You marvel that this tiny person is already pre... Read More »