Describe a beet as well as you can.?

Answer I think I can help you with this.The world is rather dark. Worms crawl along the epidermal layer of my feet. Everything is a shade of deep maroon, yet I know that am not bleeding, in fact I have no... Read More »

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Is a beet a root?

The lower, red part of the beet--the part that is most commonly eaten--is a root. The leafy greens at the top of the plan, however, are also edible. When selecting beets at a store, choose beets sm... Read More »

How to Dye With Beet Juice?

Creating your own natural dyes for cloth and yarn is inexpensive, and it also gives you an opportunity to be creative and to do some experimentation. Beets are a prime candidate for producing natu... Read More »

Is a sugar beet a vegetable?

Yes it is.It is related to beetroot.

How do I plant beet seeds?

Ground RequirementsChoose a location in full sun to plant your beet seeds. Some shade, such as that provided by a building, is acceptable. Sift the soil 6 inches deep. Remove rocks and stones marbl... Read More »