Depths for Planting Arborvitaes?

Answer The most important variable in planting a tree is the size and depth of the hole. This is as true for the arborvitaes as well as any other tree. The arborvitae is native to Asia but commonly grown ... Read More »

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Recommended Fence Post Depths for Horse Fencing?

Horses are a costly investment. The purchase price, in many cases, turns out to be the least expensive part of buying and owning a horse. A majority of the time, the upkeep, maintenance, and stabli... Read More »

How to Use Arborvitaes as a Fence?

Arborvitae trees are an evergreen species with thick foliage growth on the branches. This thick, impenetrable growth makes them favorites for creating a privacy fence along the perimeter of a yard.... Read More »

Do spider mites kill arborvitaes?

Spider mites belong in the family Arachnids, having eight legs instead of six. Spruce spider mites are a pest that attacks arborvitae. The mites reduce photosynthesis in the arborvitae by sucking o... Read More »

Are Home Depot arborvitaes good?

On One Hand: Good Do-It-Yourself OpportunityBecause the Home Depot uses local and regional growers for all plants sold in their stores near you, purchasing arborvitaes from them will mean fresh loc... Read More »