Depth of field on my canon XTI camera?

Answer Three things control Depth of Field (DOF):1) Aperture (aka f-stop)2) Lens focal length3) Subject distanceAt you will find an explanation of DOF and a DOF Calcula... Read More »

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Depth of Field for my canon xsi?

Depth of Field (DOF) is a product of three factors:1) The focal length of the lens.2) The f-stop chosen.3) The subject distance.At you'll find a good explanation... Read More »

Why pinhole camera has infinite depth of field?

A major advantage of a pinhole over a simple (or not so simple) lens is "infinite depth of field." To see this for yourself poke a pinhole into a thin sheet of opaque material and hold the pinhole ... Read More »

Does a Nikon D90 camera have depth of field preview?

How to Shoot for Depth of Field?

DOF exampleIn order to accurately shoot for depth of field (DOF), no matter which end of the depth of field 'scale' you want to shoot, requires some knowledge of it. It is the in focus' part of the... Read More »