Deposition Facts for Kids?

Answer Deposition is the process by which rocks, sand and sediment are deposited by the forces of erosion. Deposition is intimately tied to the processes of weathering and erosion. First, rocks are broken... Read More »

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Math Fun Facts for Kids?

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Dental Facts for Kids?

Visiting the dentist regularly helps your child develop good oral and dental hygiene for the future. Kids who aren't afforded routine dental care often fall into the 25 percent of kids who have 80 ... Read More »

Computer Fun Facts for Kids?

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Facts on the Milky Way for Kids?

If you had to give your celestial "address" to someone on another planet in a galaxy far, far away, it would read something like, "561 Lilac Crest Lane, Coopersville, Washington 99362, United Stat... Read More »