Dependent verification aid?

Answer You would write the name of the college to which you are sending in the form for you, and where every each of your siblings are attending.

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How to Get a VIN Verification?

A vehicle registration number (VIN) is a series of numbers that is specific to an individual vehicle, much like a serial number. The U.S. National Safety Commission began requiring VINs in 1981 for... Read More »

Fafsa verification?

Don't worry. Students are selected *at random* for verification -- it's not a punishment or an audit. Some schools actually perform 100% verification -- if you went to Harvard, for example, every... Read More »

Verification of an EIN Number?

Almost all businesses need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS before opening for business. From time to time, businesses may need to verify an EIN to maintain federally required r... Read More »

What Is FAFSA Verification?

Financial Aid from the government for low income families. The amount awarded is determined by your EFC or expected family contribution. At college, if you qualify, if your efc is 0, then you get $... Read More »