Dentists I need your help?

Answer If the dentist said that there is nothing wrong with your teeth or gum (cavity or calculus and periodontitis need to be cared for immediately) then you can examine this : brush your tongue after br... Read More »

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Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves?

I visit other dentists, usually my colleagues or seniors if I have any dental problem to be corrected or checked. Having a good mirror is not enough to treat myself.

Do dentists need Products-completed operations insurance?

Yes. In addition to Malpractice coverage for the services performed, dentists need to have Products & Completed Operations coverage for the products, medicines and other goods sold to the general p... Read More »

Dentists - Wisdom tooth/toothache help?

I have all my wisdom teeth and they all came through at different times. So yes, it is possible in answer to your main question :) At 18 I don't think you have to worry too much about losing your t... Read More »

I need to get a canal root, but I have dying fear of dentists.?

Have no will feel nothing at the root canal, save for the painful extraction from your WALLET! They can cost up to two-thousand dollars, depending upon which tooth, and how much digging... Read More »