Dentists I need your help?

Answer If the dentist said that there is nothing wrong with your teeth or gum (cavity or calculus and periodontitis need to be cared for immediately) then you can examine this : brush your tongue after br... Read More »

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Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves?

I visit other dentists, usually my colleagues or seniors if I have any dental problem to be corrected or checked. Having a good mirror is not enough to treat myself.


You should ask this to your dentist. Well it depends on fillings but normal time is 2-3 days. Avoid Rice, Lady Finger, cauliflower, Yogurt, flatulent thing. Eat on right side only for 2-3 days.

What do forensic dentists do?

Teeth are very durable, lasting hundreds or thousands of years under the right conditions. Teeth marks are a unique to each person, like fingerprints. Forensic odontologists (dentists) use differen... Read More »

How do you get over fear of dentists?

I think you have to get to the root of your problem. Ask yourself, why are you really scared of the dentist? The pain? That's temporary and honestly, dentists are so concerned about not hurting ... Read More »