Dentist told me to eat soft stuff?

Answer Make it with scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese.Try applesauce for desert. MmmmSorry for your pain and discomfort.

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So, I have been told I should get braces by my dentist.?

Just call Blue Cross and they'll tell you what they do and don't cover. That's going to give you a more accurate answer than anything you'll get on here.

I was told by my dentist that I had gum disease back in february?

Root Planing is likely what they are doing. Its just like scaling but on the root surface of you teeth.Cost depends on how many units of scaling are done. if you keep your teeth really clean, free ... Read More »

The dentist told me I have 5 cavities, but I brush twice a day and floss daily. Can this happen?

It could be possible but if you are sure about yourself, check with another dentist as not all are ethical.

Umm, Stevie Ray McCain told me to get a haircut. So, umm, how should I have it, like, styled and stuff?

how about a sideways, rainbow-colored mohawk, that stretches from ear-to-ear instead of front-to-back.