Dentist splIt my tounge and it hurts what to do?

Answer I would advise against aspirin as it thins the blood, and you would need the blood supply around the area to remain consistent which will help the healing. Take what you generally would use for pai... Read More »

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Dentist splIt my gums and it really hurts what to do?

For tonight, take aspirin or another over the counter pain medicine, and telephone the dentist's office in the morning. They may have some specific advice and/or give you prescription pain medicine.

I have a cavity and it hurts but the dentist said I dont need it filled. help?

Call back your dentist and tell them your having a lot of pain. I too had something juss like you but it wasn't a cavitty. I forgot what it was called but if they didn't fill it it would end up a ... Read More »

Back of knee hurts while doing middle split?

Dentist did poor job on root canal/ crown. Tooth hurts. What can i do?

Oftentimes, the dentist missed an accessory canal during the root canal procedure, and there is still bacteria present that can re-infect the tissue (bone, PDL) and cause pain. This can be correct... Read More »