Dentist put in wrong cavity filling after charge, what can I do now?

Answer Talk to the dentist first! Hopefully they will pay you back the excess without any further discussion.When it comes to the fillings, I'm very sure there is a good reason the dentist placed silver f... Read More »

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If you have a cavity in one of your lower right back teeth that is kind of big will the dentist be able to fill it with a filling?

Answer I had a root canal on my back tooth that was supposed to be crowned, but i didn't get around to it, and because the tooth became brittle it broke ( a chunk actually came out of it). My denti... Read More »

Is it possible to have two cavities in one tooth or is the dentist just trying to double-charge for one filling?

Answer It's possible to have two different cavities in one tooth. It's also possible that it is just one cavity, but it is on two surfaces of the tooth. Each tooth has five surfaces. Each surfac... Read More »

First cavity filling :(?

When they use the numbing gel first you hardly feel the needle at all and its just like getting a vaccine its a quick pinch and its done. You dont feel anything really when the needle is in. Don't ... Read More »

How much pain is NORMAL after a cavity filling?

I have had that much pain after having several fillings done. It is going to be sore and hard to open because of all the time the mouth was held open for the dental work, and that will take a few d... Read More »