Dentist kept my tooth?

Answer No, the tooth fairy would still give you the sixpence!Dentists usually keep the tooth. If you ask them nicely they can give you the teeth back, but it isn't an automatic thing. I asked to keep a wi... Read More »

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After dentist tested tooth with a really cold chemical, tooth is sensitive?

That chemical was extremely cold carbon dioxide. It will go back to normal soon.

If a dentist recommends that you remove your second molar tooth instead of your wisdom tooth is that a bad choice if the second molar is in very bad condition?

Answer I'd follow the advice of the dentist, since the wisdom tooth can move forward after the second molar is removed.

What can you do to help a chipped tooth before you go see the dentist?

A good idea is to take one of those round metal tooth picks (as seen at the dentist) smother it in toothpaste and apply it to the chipped area. after take a mouth wash (for ex. listerine) and put a... Read More »

What happen if you go to the dentist for a whole in your tooth?

Depending on the amount of decay, the dentist could do a filling, inlay or onlay, a crown, a root canal and crown, or an extraction. I hope you just need a filling. I wish you well.