Dentist kept my tooth?

Answer No, the tooth fairy would still give you the sixpence!Dentists usually keep the tooth. If you ask them nicely they can give you the teeth back, but it isn't an automatic thing. I asked to keep a wi... Read More »

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After dentist tested tooth with a really cold chemical, tooth is sensitive?

That chemical was extremely cold carbon dioxide. It will go back to normal soon.

Has anyone kept their wisdom tooth in?

yes my teeth came out perfectly straight and the wisdom teeth came through no problem.i too have that flap of skin on the bottom ones but otherwise no problems.woohoo.yes just the back face of the ... Read More »

Broken tooth whats the dentist gonna do ?

The dentist will remove it if it cannot be repaired.I had a bad hole in a tooth last year. My dentist, understanding my problem with needles, filled it for me at my request.The next day, I ended up... Read More »

Should i got to the dentist about my wobbly tooth?

if the teeth you got taken out were close to the fang then there is probably no problem.if not...tell them