Dentist: Do you think this is a little extreme?

Answer A little extreme, yes.But do you know what this means for Hollywood investor types?You guessed it! MARATHON MAN, The Sequel will soon be in motion.We can imagine what tagline will try to match,"Is... Read More »

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I think one of my molars have a little rot on them.Is there a way the dentist can fix it w/o pulling the tooth?

Yea.. they can drill out the cavity and fill it.

Do you think this warrants a dentist visit My son just took a fall and one of his front teeth shifted inward?

i had a similar one, my daughter fell and hit her tooth. I didnt go to the dentist but later on asked him about it and he said since it was a baby one they wouldnt have done anything anyways unless... Read More »

Should 11 year old little girls be gien birth control from the schools i think this is wrong what about you?

yeah it is wrong. i completely agree with you and i believe birth control can mess up their development

Do you think I could be a dentist?

i think you know how desperately i am in need of a skilled dentist. my oral fixation is overwhelming and i am constantly sucking on things all day and all night...i swear, i have something in my m... Read More »