Dentist: Baby teeth, help?

Answer i still have some baby teeth, i am 37 and a couple of years ago two fell out and the adult ones came down. you should wait for nature to take it's course. if they are blooming under the gum it may ... Read More »

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Does Getting baby teeth out at the dentist hurt?

No, since baby teeth don't usually have roots. Everybody's pain tolerance is different but it's not that bad.

HELP!!! Im really scared to go to the dentist because he's gonna pull out 2/4 teeth?

You're going to be fine, honestly. I don't know how your orthodontist does it but you'll either be put under or your mouth will be frozen. While the procedure is happening, you're not going to feel... Read More »

Need help, teeth/ mouth hurt and I can't see a dentist until Monday?

You should get antibiotics from your dentist instead, all for a pain prescription as well . You might need to pull That tooth out. Drink some Tylenol During the weekend. Do not eat sugar Candy. Fl... Read More »

Any ways to reduce pain from teeth being pulled at the dentist HELP! APPT TMO!?

They give you novacain that pretty much takes care of it... when they get to the root tips it kind of hurts and stings a LITTLE bit, nothing where you'd notice though... honestly, I just hand one o... Read More »