Dentist. Anesthesia 4 year old. scared!!?

Answer The way my mom and my dad convinced us to go to the dentist( or to get vaccines ) is they promised ice cream if we behaved and everything went well. Now we're 19/16 and we don't have any kind of fe... Read More »

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My dentist filled my cavities without anesthesia?

The dentist should have injected you with novocain. There should have been little or no pain. I would never go to that dentist again.

Scared of the dentist?

Hey, hun. I had a HUGE fear of the dentist for most of my life. But back in December I began to feel immense pain in one of my teeth (so bad that I just wanted to rip it out myself). No one really ... Read More »

Scared of the Dentist Tomorrow!?

Since you are wearing braces, I can assume your anxiety can't be that bad. So stop over thinking about it. Inhale through your nose and exhale through out your mouth. It will keep you calm.


the dentist really doesnt hurt that bad in fact the pain is just in your imagination you think of it as the most horrible pain when really you are overreacting besides you wouldnt want to live with... Read More »