Dental abscesses. What happens next?

Answer The dentist may do nothing further depending on what he sees on your follow-up visit.He may also clean the pocket where the bacteria accumulates.They usually do what is called a deep cleaning.

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How often do dental abscesses fully heal on their own?

Your body has no way to remove the source of the infection (dead and infected tooth) because if the tooth is dead it no longer has blood flow. Perfect diet and exercise won't physically remove dea... Read More »

Eye Abscesses on Rabbits?

Rabbits are prone to infections in the eye, commonly known as eye abscesses. They develop as pink, swollen areas around or on the eye that can lead to more serious infections and death. They must b... Read More »

Why would someone suddenly start getting abscesses?

I had them a lot as a young child. Eventually they found out it was allergies. The contact dermatitis from h*ll! But seriously, it could be anything, even a low grade staph infection. If it persist... Read More »

Can Bovine TB cause brain abscesses or lesions?

It may, but the transmission to humans is extremely rare. Here's a bit of info:Bovine TB is a chronic disease and it can take years to develop. M. Bovis grows very slowly and only replicates every ... Read More »