Dental Plaque Removal Procedures?

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How to Treat Dental Plaque?

Plaque is the thin, sticky film of bacteria that is permanently present on your teeth. Every time you eat, the bacteria release plaque acids that attack tooth enamel, potentially leading to decay a... Read More »

What should I do about dental plaque (or something else) on my teeth?

Have your dentist clean it when you get your split tooth fixed. You've probably got a buildup of tartar, which is calcium residue left by shell-living bacteria. As they live and die, they make lay... Read More »

How to Remove Stubborn Plaque Buildup on Dental Implants?

Nobody ever wants to lose teeth, especially adults. Nowadays, dental science has progressed to the point where surgeons are able to replace lost adult teeth with new teeth called implants. With pro... Read More »

Dental Assistant Procedures?

A dental assistant is a person whose main job function is to assist the dentist. They do this by preparing the dental room, preparing the patient and assisting during procedures. A dental assista... Read More »