Dental Hygiene, lots of questions?

Answer 1. If you are using a string of floss you should move down the string for each place between teeth, until you go in between all teeth. If you see there's a lot of food or plaque, move down the flo... Read More »

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If I buy bacon-flavored dental floss, will my dentist think I'm not taking dental hygiene seriously?

I think flossing with a meat-based product is a great idea.John Candy was know for eating bacon at every meal, and as far as I know, he had great oral hygiene. I don’t think that's a coincidence... Read More »

Differences in Dental Hygiene & Dental Schools?

A variety of programs prepare students for a career in dental health. Before choosing a school, understand the differences between dental hygiene programs and dental school. Think about your career... Read More »

Dental Hygiene Activities?

It's a good idea to get kids committed to good dental hygiene at an early age to avoid expensive and painful cavities later in life. Kids may have all sorts of questions as to why it's important to... Read More »

Effects of bad dental hygiene...?

If you have the decay causing bacteria, your teeth will decay and eventually need fillings or to have other treatment. (my ex-husband was an avid non-brusher in his youth; he had all of teeth pulle... Read More »