Dent Removal Techniques?

Answer Walking up to your car and finding a dent on its paneling is not something anyone enjoys. But there is no reason to fret over the damage or the cost of having the dent pulled out. Instead, consider... Read More »

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Paintless Dent Removal Techniques?

Dents are often repaired using a drill, a dent puller, grinder and other tools. If the dent has not caused paint to be damaged, it can be repaired using paintless dent repair techniques. Paintless ... Read More »

Hailstone Dent Removal Techniques?

Hailstorms can appear with no warning, denting the hood, roof and trunk of your car. Hailstones leave small but multiple dents that can cause hundreds of dollars in repair at your local body shop. ... Read More »

Hail Stone Dent Removal Techniques?

For those of us who get caught out in a storm or do not have a garage at home, hail can have a devastating effect on the body of our vehicles. Ice balls ranging in size from a BB to a grapefruit ca... Read More »

Dent Repair Techniques?

Dents on the side of your car can make even a new car look bad. Old or new, the cost of dent repair can be expensive, especially if the dents are extensive. Collision repair shops charge by the hou... Read More »