Density-Dependent Factors in the Grasslands?

Answer The various grassland ecosystems of the world support an array of species of living organisms. Populations of organisms living on grasslands can fluctuate, but are usually kept within the ecosystem... Read More »

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What is a density-dependent factor?

any factor in the environment that depends on the number of members in a population per unit area

Density-Independent Factors in the Tundra?

Not many plants and animals can endure the temperature of the tundra -- a cold, vast and treeless ecosystem extending from the tree lines of Alaska, Canada and Northern Russia to the ice caps. Ther... Read More »

Factors Affecting Bone Mineral Density?

Bone mineral density loss is one of the most common problems people face as they age. This may result in medical conditions such as osteoporosis, a disease that causes a person's bones to become so... Read More »

What three factors affect the density of the Earth's amosphere?

Three factors that affect the density of the Earth's atmosphere are altitude, humidity and temperature. The density of air decreases with higher altitude, higher temperatures and higher humidity. P... Read More »