Dementia After Anesthesia?

Answer It is recognized that there is difficulty with mental functioning after surgery in the elderly, according to an article in the June 2003 issue of Clinical Anesthesiology. It now has an official nam... Read More »

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Seizures After Anesthesia?

Few people look forward to surgery but we accept it as a necessary procedure when we experience illness or injury. There are many types of surgeries, some which are more strenuous or painful than o... Read More »

How to Sleep After Anesthesia?

Sleep disturbances after anesthesia and surgery are a common occurrence. The more complex the surgery, the more likely it is that you will have problems sleeping for a few days afterward. Lack of s... Read More »

What Causes Bloody Diarrhea in Dogs After Anesthesia?

Many things can be the cause of blood in your dog's stools. If your dog has been at the veterinarian's office recently it may have been infected with something from another dog. Generally anesthesi... Read More »

How long do cats live after showing signs of dementia?

How long cats survive after showing signs of dementia depends on the care given to the animal, as well as the potential cause for the dementia. Brain tumors are rare in cats, but can occur, and oft... Read More »