Answer Definitely the Dell. Dell is affordable, reliable, and stylish.

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Please help! Do I have to use a Dell brand printer with a Dell Laptop Inspiron 8600?

no. when you connect your new printer (any brand) your laptop will recognise that you've got something new connected to it and then you'll need to put the cd in that you got with your printer and f... Read More »

Dell...Dell...Dell...Please help!!!?

Sorry that you are having so much trouble. If you get it repaired, it might only last a few more years. In fact, it might crap out again soon. Laptops are rather delicate. The Dell service is ... Read More »

Acer, asus or dell please help please.....?

I am slightly partial to dell computers. I have 2 and like the convenience they add to my business. One is 5 years old and still ticking.If price is a consideration, dell has a 20% off $999 lapto... Read More »

Dell poweredge 2400 - please help?

The cables to your disk drive are loose at the drive or at the mother board. There should be a red/yellow/black wire power plug from the power supply and a SATA or IDE cable from the motherboard to... Read More »