Dell laptops, good or bad what are your experiences?

Answer I have never had one. But I have heard good things. And When i buy a laptop I'm sure it will be a dell one. Some people swear by their durability and reliability. They are also quite stylish.

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Where can i pick up good quality brand new laptops at decent pricesIm considering Dell.Any views on Dell?

notebookreview.comi just recently got a dell inspiron e1505 or also known as 6400its working pretty darn goodi got it for 885 not listing the specs cuz it will take too longi ordered it online, and... Read More » really, are Dell laptops good or not?

Dell Laptop Explodes in Flames~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~……At a conference in Japan, a Dell laptop suddenly exploded into flames, and lucky fo... Read More »

Are Dell laptops good computers?

You know, every laptop has there drawbacks, there is NO perfect laptop. HP has theres problems, so to Sony, so does Acer, and Im sure dell has them too. But I have a Dell Inspiron n I have no probl... Read More »

What laptops are more reliable, Dell laptops or IBM Thinkpads?

You can't get an unbiased answer to that question, but I *love* my IBM (Lenovo) Thinkpad, and have had no problems with it.