Dell dimension E520 vista?

Answer I don't know about DELL but I'm using a Toshiba Satellite A200 with a Bluetooth earpiece and it works great.

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How to Restore Dell Dimension E520 to Factory Settings?

While some people return their computers to its original factory settings to clean out unused programs and files, the most common reason for restoring your Dell Dimension E520 computer to its origi... Read More »

How Do I Add Memory to a Dell E520?

Open Your ComputerUnplug the computer and lay it on its side. Pull back the latch release located on the top panel, and tilt the side cover up, using the three hinges on its bottom edge as leverage... Read More »

How to Install Second Hard Drive Dell E520?

Dell's Dimension E520 is a desktop computer that has the capacity to hold up to two hard drives at once. If you have the computer already configured with one hard drive, you can add a second one to... Read More »

Can the Dell Optiplex 170L CPU fan fit in a Dell Dimension 3000?

The Dell Optiplex CPU Fan is a Dell K0456 Fan Assembly. This fan is compatible with the Dell Dimension 3000 as well as the Dimension B110, 1100, 2400, 4600, 4700 and the Optiplex 160L computers.Re... Read More »