Dell Trinitron used to run at 85hz, now keeps getting stuck at 60?

Answer 60hz is standard tv operation for pc output.the radeon will probably be expecting a standard TV by default.dont forget a monitor has a also has options for PnP(plug and play) where someun... Read More »

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02 accord.The front passenger's seatbelt keeps getting stuck. it retracts but won't release. Stuck@too short?

Have it replaed with a brand new one from Honda.Never use seatbelts from a salvage yard, no matter how good theylook. THey were in an accident and may not hold in another one.

Dell monitor stuck in 'Power Save Mode' How do i get out?

I have had this issue I called Dell, and they told me to hold down the Fn and F8 keys, and it worked fine for me.

My Printer keeps getting amnesia?

poor thing. When a device does this to me I do a hard install. I go to the device manager and select update drivers. You can also go to the HP website and type in the model number of your printer a... Read More »

Bee sting keeps getting worse.?

As all the others have said, try taking some Benadryl. You want to take a double dose though. This is the equivalent to what a doctor would give you. You are having a SLIGHT allergic reaction to th... Read More »