Dell Trinitron used to run at 85hz, now keeps getting stuck at 60?

Answer 60hz is standard tv operation for pc output.the radeon will probably be expecting a standard TV by default.dont forget a monitor has a also has options for PnP(plug and play) where someun... Read More »

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Dell monitor stuck in 'Power Save Mode' How do i get out?

I have had this issue I called Dell, and they told me to hold down the Fn and F8 keys, and it worked fine for me.

PC monitor screen refresh rate: 60, 70, 85hz..what does it mean?

The "refresh" rate is the number of times/second that the video card repaints the pixels (dots of light) on the monitor. The faster this is done, the smoother object motion appears. This is importa... Read More »

What is a Sony WEGA Trinitron TV?

FD Trinitron WEGA is the brand name of a television Sony Corporation introduced in 1998. The first flat-screen television on the market, the original FD Trinitron WEGA line came in 36-inch and 32-i... Read More »

How can I get a Sony Trinitron Color TV....?

I have the EXACT same TV in my bedroom. It takes 2-3 people to lift. The guys who put it in my bedroom almost dropped it because they had to put it in the corner next to the wall. One guy sprained ... Read More »