Dell System Restore aftermath?

Answer That computer has good specs, should run good.Do you need Windows?If not, then try Ubuntu or Mint.

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How Do I Use System Restore on a Dell?

System Restore UtilityUse the System Restore Utility on a Dell to restore system files and settings that you may have accidentally changed or erased. To open the System Restore for Windows 7 and Wi... Read More »

How do I do a system restore on a Dell laptop?

Finding System RestoreSave and close any programs or documents that you have open. Press "Start" in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Click on "All Programs" to show your list of laptop p... Read More »

How to Do a System Restore Without Disks on a Dell PC?

All Dell PCs run on a Windows operating system.Windows operating systems come equipped with system tools to help with computer maintenance. One of these tools, called System Restore, can be used t... Read More »

How to Copy a Dell System Restore Partition?

Dell provides a system restore partition with all new computers, instead of system restore CDs or DVDs. This saves on the cost of making and shipping the discs. Occasionally, though, you may want ... Read More »