Deleting unnecessary on C drive?

Answer Google CCleaner and download and install it. It has a good uninstall feature as well as cleaning features for your system.It's also FreeIf you're only concerned with removing what you've downloaded... Read More »

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Deleting files from USB Pen Drive?

The files may be needed by the Pen drive. If you are too sure that they are not needed (you can make a comparison with your other pen drive. To see all the files that are hidden in your pen drive g... Read More »

Deleting images from flash drive?

picture heaven?Ususally there is a recycler on the flash drive in which these images go... if you are worried about these images being available still, then use a shredder program like Rtools wipe ... Read More »

How can I make more space on my hard drive without deleting anything?

Go start -> accessories -> system tools -> Disk CleanupIt will perform a scan which may take a while...Here are a few things you can delete safely and I really don't think you will miss:Downloaded ... Read More »

I was recently cleaning up my hard drive and I thought deleting temporary files would be a good way to do so.?

most likely all of them...temp internet files just collect full of stuff like the inital set up of stuff you have downloaded and things you have watch/ or listened to they can likely all go and th... Read More »