Deleting questiooons?

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Deleting Trojans?

You have to know the name of the trojan program. If you find the name of the program (for example the w32.blaster.worm virus had a program name of Msblast.exe, but not all viruses use the same name... Read More »

Folder is not deleting?

This is the result of virus resident in in your system registry. Normally with my experience no antivirus can help. The only way is format the 'c' drive alone where the OS is resident and reload t... Read More »

Deleting ipod pictures?

2 possibilities:1. hold down on the picture until a thingy pops up and press delete2. swipe from left to right on it and it should say delete (that is for messages so im not sure!)

Deleting unnecessary on C drive?

Google CCleaner and download and install it. It has a good uninstall feature as well as cleaning features for your system.It's also FreeIf you're only concerned with removing what you've downloaded... Read More »