Deleting files from USB Pen Drive?

Answer The files may be needed by the Pen drive. If you are too sure that they are not needed (you can make a comparison with your other pen drive. To see all the files that are hidden in your pen drive g... Read More »

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I was recently cleaning up my hard drive and I thought deleting temporary files would be a good way to do so.?

most likely all of them...temp internet files just collect full of stuff like the inital set up of stuff you have downloaded and things you have watch/ or listened to they can likely all go and th... Read More »

Deleting computer files?

Not unless you have set them up that way. If you are running WMP, it will delete them from both the player and any folders you have set for monitoring as well as your main Music file under Users. O... Read More »

Deleting files from Documents Folder?

try shift+del or it may be protected file u can't do anything

Is deleting Temporary files safe?

Temporary files are just that -- TEMPORARY.Every time you open your computer, it starts making temporary files. Getting rid of them is good.It WILL NOT affect how your programs run, as those are in... Read More »