Deleting comments on youtube?

Answer on your channel page you can if you click on the link in the comments box. you can delete them off of your videos with the button that says delete over the commenthowever i don't think that you ca... Read More »

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One of my best friends is deleting comments and other posts on facebook just because there is a spelling error?

Just let him be, if you don't want to get into an issue.

I'm having trouble deleting my youtube account?

Use whatever method you usually use to log in. Go to your settings. In the upper-right corner, click your username and then click"Settings" from the drop down menu. Go to youradvanced options . In ... Read More »

How to Get Comments on YouTube?

You may have some very creative Youtube videos, and you really want to get some feedback on them, but so far you don't have enough subscribers or enough people watching your videos at all to get an... Read More »

YouTube spam comments?

It's not actual persons, it's bots that some people paid to do the job. The ones that paid for the bots most likely make money, and it is often a scam. Hope this clears it up for you!