Deleting Trojans?

Answer You have to know the name of the trojan program. If you find the name of the program (for example the w32.blaster.worm virus had a program name of Msblast.exe, but not all viruses use the same name... Read More »

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Any help with trojans?

use the hijackthis software, it is easy to use. if you do not know, read this article that blog.acho that vai help you. the hijackthis of a list of all processes and the site which it says are dang... Read More »

Do Trojans have spermicide?

Some Trojan condoms have spermicide, and some do not. The package will tell you if the Trojan contains spermicide. Spermicide kills sperm or reduces its mobility, according to Trojan. It is a backu... Read More »

Question about Trojans?

to remove them manually you have to find out where they are locatedat,my security program loacated one ,c:/docs and settings/ jaywood/local settings/aol dowloads/generic program,follow the pathc:-... Read More »

Does McAfee get rid of trojans?

McAfee provides programs that can rid your computer of Trojans, according the McAfee website. Trojans are programs that pretend to be harmless applications that then infect your computer once you a... Read More »