Deleted Tumblr Account Reblogs help?

Answer Hey!They will always remain on Google. You can't get rid of it. You can try contacting Tumblr and see if they can help you but most likely they can't either. This is why, people say when you sign u... Read More »

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Is there anyway to retrieve a deleted tumblr account?

unfortunately there isn't a way you can get your blog backtumblr even said so theres no way you can retrieve ityou can always make a new blog though

How to get lots of reblogs on tumblr?

1,500 is really f*cking good for 500 followers though! that means you have great followers. if you want more notes, you need more followers

How can I get more reblogs/followers on Tumblr?

There's a lot of promo blogs out there like that will get you more followers!

Tumblr account help please?

If you had an additional Group Blog that other users were a part of, it will still remain there and you will be removed from it.If you are talking about Google still pulling up your old blog, Googl... Read More »