Delete pictures from iPod touch?

Answer I have a ipod touch and i couldn't find out how to delete pictures but when my friend pointed it out to me it was so simple.You can only delete photos in your saved photos on your ipod such as scre... Read More »

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How do you delete pictures from your iPod touch?

In iTunes, click on the iPod in the sidebar, goto pictures, see what settings you have. You might need to edit a certain folder on your compter, then sync, and it should work.

How do i delete pictures off my iPod Touch?

you should be able to, when you plug in your touch to your pc just click on your ipod an it has all the links at the top, one of those should be pics and you should be able to just click, sync pic ... Read More »

How to Delete Pictures From an iPod?

Sometimes you can overload your iPod and wind up with minimal space on the hard drive. This means you need to start clearing some space on it by taking some files off sync. You can start by deselec... Read More »

How do you delete songs from an ipod touch?

1. Run iTunes and click your iPod Touch, which should appear on the left side of the iTunes menu, to display your playlist(s).2. Click the song you wish to delete. This will highlight it.3. Click "... Read More »