Delete photos from memory card or laptop?

Answer Usually, you can delete info from a card by either reformatting it or just highlighting the files, right clicking and choosing delete.

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How do I copy music, photos and videos from a phone memory card to a laptop?

Slide an Micro SD memory card into the adapter it came with at the time of purchase. The adapter looks like a bigger version of the Micro SD card, but has a little slot for the card to go into. Mak... Read More »

Memorable photos are deleted by formating my memory card in camera,can i getback the photos?

Whoops, that'll teach you.Very doubtful if you can retrieve them if you have formatted the card.but... try one of the recovery programmes which you can find on the web, depending on the type of for... Read More »

Does a micro SD memory card increase memory for video or just photos?

32G is 32G regardless if it's micro or regular sd cards. Look in your manual towards the end of the back, it will tell you how much video your card will hold. I would not buy a 32G card. I would bu... Read More »

How do I Delete Photos From a Sony Micro Vault 1 GB Memory Stick?

The Sony MicroVvault memory stick (with one gigabyte) is a media storage card used in most Sony digital cameras. A captured image is saved directly onto this memory stick. Although one gigabytes do... Read More »