Delayed injury: What is a good indication that one should go to the doc?

Answer "amputation"

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I am 1 week delayed during that time up to now I'm taking aspirin cortal is that can affect the baby if i am pregnant?

DES, or diethystilbestrol, was a medication given to women to reduce the risk of miscarriage, and was later found to be associated with reproductive system problems in the children of those women w... Read More »

If the baby engages before 34 weeks is this an indication that the baby may arrive earlier that the EDD?

Answer No this is not a sign of the baby arriving before the EDD, baby's normally engage around 34 weeks ready for the EDD but you must always consult your midwife if you have any concers.

Is this yet another indication that Answers could be detrimental to my corporate career?

You know when you've hit rock bottom if you call people who file HR complaints against you, "report monkeys."

Is the popularity of "open adoption" an indication that many first parents are ambivalent...?

I always hear people rant about "how great" open adoptions are to those considering placing their babies. "Oh, you'll get to see your baby!" "Oh, you'll know how good your baby is being taken car... Read More »