Dehydrated Foods for Soups?

Answer When many people think of making a pot of soup, they picture the cook chopping vegetables and cutting cubes of meat as ingredients for the pot. While this may be the traditional method for soup mak... Read More »

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How to Store Dehydrated and Dried Foods?

Dehydrated and dried foods have had all the moisture, or between 80 to 98 percent of it, removed. Drying food is one of the oldest techniques for preservation. Without water inside, the food does n... Read More »

How to Prepare Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated Foods?

Freeze-dried foods are foods with their moisture removed through a vacuum process, in addition to sublimation of frozen moisture. When rehydrated they look similar to and taste as good as their fre... Read More »

Please help me soups?

I love doing homework for other people!!!!!!Herbs/Flavorings:ThymeRosemaryOreganoBasilLeeksOnionDillLemon BasilGingerMarjorumNuts:PeanutsSmoked almondsSesame seedsWalnuts

How to Prepare a Rue for Soups?

Thick soups, like spicy etouffee, begin with a rue or roux. This type of soup base is easy to prepare in your own kitchen using the right ingredients and tools. You can use this cooking technique t... Read More »