Dehydrated & False Positive Diabetes?

Answer Diabetes is an illness that affects metabolism by hindering the body's ability to process and use glucose for energy despite the high presence of glucose in the blood. Dehydration is a possible fac... Read More »

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How can I prove to the government that diabetes can cause a false positive for cocaine?

You can't prove it because it isn't true.Perhaps you did some coke a long time ago and are not any more.I'd work it that way.Good luck .

Can you have a false positive?

False positives are incredibly rare on pregnancy tests. The test looks for a hormone (hcg) that's only present in your body in measurable amounts when you're pregnant. It is possible, if you're u... Read More »

False positive hiv test?

ONe reason for the false positive is because the test result was not conclusive. Means that the person performing the test or the test kit used were somehow at fault. Normally ELISA test is used fo... Read More »

What are the causes of false positive dna on paternity tests?

A false positive DNA paternity match can result from several factors including human error in DNA handling, labs with low standards of accuracy, or misidentification or outright fraud in collection... Read More »