Degrees for Teaching History?

Answer The degrees required to teach history vary depending on where you teach history and at what level you teach. A university history professor, for example, needs a higher level of education than a mi... Read More »

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Online History Teaching Degrees?

History teaching at the secondary school level requires a minimum of a bachelor's degree. History teaching at the post-secondary level requires at least a master's degree and often a doctorate. The... Read More »

PE Teaching Degrees?

Physical education (PE) teachers work in schools, teaching children the value of physical exercise. They also instruct children in the proper techniques of each class activity, to prevent injury or... Read More »

Pre K Teaching Degrees?

Pre-K teachers work in school districts, private preschools, child care centers and daycares educating children under the age of six years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in... Read More »

Alternative Teaching Degrees?

Typically, school districts hire teachers with teaching degrees from an accredited, four-year university. A specific degree in education allows someone to teach in schools. However, if you don't ha... Read More »