Degrees Required for a Criminal Lawyer?

Answer U.S. qualified criminal lawyers represent clients accused of crime or criminal misconduct in court processes. They negotiate punishments to ensure clients receive justice. The road to practicing as... Read More »

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What is a criminal defense lawyer?

A criminal defense lawyer accepts the responsibility of representing a defendant--a person charged with committing a crime. Defendants may opt to have a criminal defense lawyer appointed by the cou... Read More »

What is a criminal justice lawyer?

For every court proceeding centered on a criminal complaint, criminal justice lawyers advocate for both sides. Many times the judge hearing the arguments from the lawyers are previous criminal just... Read More »

Qualifications of a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Criminal defense lawyers have challenging jobs and becoming one requires serious time and monetary commitments and, in most cases, passing a bar exam. To be qualified, a criminal defense attorney m... Read More »

How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you have been arrested for a criminal act in Los Angeles, CA you already know that finding an expert criminal defense attorney or lawyer can help you to minimize the damage and keep you out of j... Read More »