Defragmenting too much..?

Answer if u use ur pc a lot and download lots of files etc once every week is ok...if ur a normal user u shuld defragment once every 2 weeks to a month.......10 or 1 time per day will hav the same result ... Read More »

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No, what's the point of defragmenting daily. That's overkillI do it every 6 months

Disk defragmenting?

it puts all your files in order , so your PC can access them quicker. it is like if you had a book and all the page numbers were mixed up . it would take you time to read it quickly as you would ha... Read More »

What is the purpose of defragmenting?

Creating and deleting files causes fragmentation, meaning pieces of a file are stored several places on the hard drive. Defragmenting puts the pieces back in consecutive order. Less fragmentation m... Read More »

What is the meaning of defragmenting?

With steady use of a computer, files on the hard drive can become fragmented or broken. This can happen when system files are edited or by the use of antivirus software. Defragmenting the computer ... Read More »