Definition of income tax entry?

Answer An income tax entry is the amount of earnings or wages a person earns in a calendar year. It is reported on line 7 through line 21 on the IRS tax return Form 1040.Source:H & R BlockIncome Tax Prepa... Read More »

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What is the Definition of direct income and indirect income?

Money that is received straight to the recipient over a period of time.

What is the definition of income according to the IRS?

Income is any type of property, money, etc that a taxpayer receives during the year from all worldwide sources of income.Go to the IRS gov website and use the search box for Publication 525 (2009),... Read More »

What is the definition of federal income tax?

Paying taxes is an important part of being a U.S. citizen. Historically, the federal government had a tough time collecting enough money to run the country until the implementation of the federal i... Read More »

Definition of Income Tax Deductions?

All U.S. taxpayers are responsible for paying their fair amount of tax on or before the April 15 deadline. The amount of tax for which a taxpayer is responsible depends on his income, credits and d... Read More »