Definition of income tax entry?

Answer An income tax entry is the amount of earnings or wages a person earns in a calendar year. It is reported on line 7 through line 21 on the IRS tax return Form 1040.Source:H & R BlockIncome Tax Prepa... Read More »

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What is the Definition of direct income and indirect income?

Money that is received straight to the recipient over a period of time.

Definition of Portfolio Income?

A portfolio in the investment sense is the total collection of investments or securities that make up the investor's holdings. Someone who wants to stop working and live off their investment income... Read More »

Definition of Income Tax Deductions?

All U.S. taxpayers are responsible for paying their fair amount of tax on or before the April 15 deadline. The amount of tax for which a taxpayer is responsible depends on his income, credits and d... Read More »

Definition of Low Income in Canada?

Three distinct measurements define low income in Canada. Statistics Canada uses the "Low Income Cutoff," based on the ability to purchase necessities, and the "Low Income Measure," based on inequal... Read More »