Definition of an LLC Business?

Answer A limited liability company (LLC) combines the advantages of a corporation's liability protections with a partnership's tax and operations efficiencies. The LLC model, already used in Europe, firs... Read More »

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What is the definition of a business franchise?

In simple terms, a business franchise is the way a company is able to distribute services or products through independent, third-party operators. The independent operator conducts their business by... Read More »

What is the definition of"business risk"?

Business risk refers to the chance that a company will not be able to pay for its expenses with revenue, according to Investopedia. Business risk often is tied to taking on debt or changes in the o... Read More »

Definition of business lounge?

The thing with the nightclub is that its history as a morgue, during the great Chicago fire, leaves a lot of the basis for its paranormal activity. AS for its actually being haunted, lets just say ... Read More »

Business Strategies Definition?

A business strategy, according to Rapid Business Intelligence Success, is a business plan that takes place long-term in order to help achieve a specific goal or objective. The aim of a business str... Read More »