Definition of a privately funded agency?

Answer It means an organization that operates without the benefit of being funded by ANY public money/taxes.

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What does privately funded mean?

Privately funded refers to financial assistance that does not come from any level of government. Financial assistance for privately funded organizations come from individual and corporate donations... Read More »

What would be some differences between a state-funded child placement agency and a private adoption agency?

AnswerFees and cost. You will pay more in a private agency than a state-funded agency. State-funding provides alot of the extra fees so that your cost is minimal (if any). Age of the child. A child... Read More »

Definition of Funded Depreciation?

A company's long-term or fixed assets make up a large portion of its balance sheet, also known as statement of financial condition. Funded depreciation helps a firm renew operating machinery and eq... Read More »

Definition of a Funded Debt?

Companies have debt from a variety of different types of loans and obligations. This money is used to cover operating expenses or to fund expansion. Funded debt is one category of corporate debt.